The smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies mum just took out of the oven. Family happiness under the Christmas tree when exchanging thoughtfully selected gifts. A sincere smile of joy looking at the glistening lights and a warm hug from loved ones, when the heart shares all the best wishes for the future.

During December festivities Supernova is sharing the magic, kindness and love of the season, wishing you many more healthy, happy and carefree days.

Find the best gifts at Supernova

Do you remember the kids’ song saying “Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with strings … These are a few of my favourite things”? At the nearest Supernova shopping centre you will find the most original gifts for everybody on your Christmas list. Amazing toys, fashion, sports equipment, beauty products, everything for your health, home and more make up your festive spirits in a minute! Listen to your favourite Christmas tunes and enjoy holiday shopping. Supernova has everything at hand for your perfect Christmas holidays.

Are you considering making gifts yourself, like baking homemade Christmas cookies, making your own Christmas cards or giving your loved ones your artistic masterpieces? At Supernova you will find high-quality ingredients for festive baking, professional cooking tools and everything you need for do-it-yourself holiday crafts. And when you are in a hurry, or simply do not have the right idea for a gift, you can always rely on the Supernova Gift Card. A super gift for everyone, who love shopping.


It is the season of best wishes and gift giving, so for a whole festive month we are also sharing happiness and love online! Every advent Sunday, from 29th November to 24th December 2020, visit our website and join the fun. Answer four Christmas inspired questions and win up to 40 € on a Supernova Gift Card.

Enter the prize game for a chance to win 2.400 € on Supernova Gift Cards. You can enter the prize draw just by answering one question right. Share the love with the people that are closest to your heart!


Making Christmas better for families in need

At Supernova we believe in goodness and the power of being nice. Since this year has been really harsh for many, we decided to make the holiday season a little bit better for families who struggle the most at achieving Christmas magic.

We teamed up with the organisation Zavod 364, who is in charge of the popular project “Božiček za en dan” (“Santa for a day”). With their help we donated 5.000 € on Supernova Gift Cards. The Gift Cards, along with the best wishes and hearty joy, were handed out to 20 families in need from all across Slovenia. We hope that our little gesture made their day just a bit more carefree and brought a genuine smile of joy.